Before-Sale service

Pre-sale preparation of the property
Pre-sale preparation of real estate - these are actions that are aimed at increasing the competitive advantages of housing for its speedy sale. Of course, it is impossible to change the location of a house, floor or square.

But with the help of a competent real estate agent, you can draw up a "competition map" and fix some of the shortcomings that negatively affect the attractiveness of the apartment for the buyer. The buyer, when choosing an apartment, of course, focuses on certain factors previously thought out by him. But the sensation of the first impression has not been canceled. This may include the concepts of "comfort", "tranquility" and other emotional components, which ultimately have considerable weight when deciding on the purchase of a particular apartment.

Presale preparation of real estate
We do not mean preparing for the sale of expensive repairs and the purchase of new furniture. Large expenses will not pay off, and the cost of housing at the same time can not be overestimated.

We are talking about making the apartment more attractive to the potential buyer through minimal costs and basic actions. This usually requires:

- Throw away or give away old and unnecessary furniture, especially if the apartment is very cluttered;

- Carry out a general cleaning, throw away all unnecessary things, especially from hard-to-reach places;

- Remove dust from all surfaces;

- Repair broken electrical appliances.

Such actions do not require large financial investments, but the end result will have a favorable impression on the visitor of your apartment. A simple replacement of old door handles and sockets will greatly ennoble the look of your home.