Sub rent your real estate

If you want to rent your property, then you can not do it legally in accordance with the law issued in January 2017, which reads as follows: Not every owner can rent his apartment. To engage in such activities, you need to obtain a special license. To obtain a license, you must be a legal entity, that is, open your own company or be a private entrepreneur. Must have a residence permit. In addition, the owner who wants to rent a house is required to obtain a special password at the police station. You need to register with tax in order to pay taxes. This will be necessary to pay a monthly declaration, and whether you are renting a property or not. At the entrance, new residents must be registered with the police (for this you need a password), meet with them, conduct them, be sure to invoice, pay tax and VAT on each caller.

In this case, so that you do not have problems, we can help to rent your apartment legally, providing all the necessary documents and declarations.

Cooperating with our company, you can be sure of the safety of all transactions and the safety of your property!