After-sales services

As a rule, the buyer of real estate is not fully informed about the issues of providers of water and electricity, cable or satellite television and the Internet. And it is also known that it is convenient for any of the property owners when all these issues are concentrated in the field of view of one company: in order to solve a particular issue, you do not need to look for a translator and go to different authorities, you just need to contact our company. One of the advantages of working with us is a full range of after-sales services, which makes it possible to quickly solve almost all emerging technical issues.

1. Repair work in the apartment

Does the purchased apartment require any alterations? Regardless of what the reasons are, the service company will help each client by becoming a kind of bridge across the river of misunderstanding. The company will not only find the appropriate team, but also hold negotiations, help the client understand a foreign (Turkish) language. In addition, she provides the necessary assistance in the purchase of building and finishing materials, accepts work, points out the shortcomings to the employees and stipulates ways and terms for their correction.

2. Design and creation of an appropriate interior

In addition to repairs, furniture also plays in creating the appropriate atmosphere, as well as accessories, all kinds of interior trifles. The company can offer each of its customers assistance in choosing furniture, textiles, equipment - in general, everything that will help make the apartment cozy and stylish. But even when you want to make purchases on your own, she will create all the necessary conditions for shopping to bring satisfaction, not complexity.

3. Cleaning services.

Cleanliness in the apartment is the key to what is in it will be pleasant and comfortable. The company can also offer its services in conducting quality cleaning for the arrival of residents or after their departure, as well as in any other situation. She will select staff for constant cleaning, make sure that a cleaning schedule is drawn up or listen to the wishes of the owner of the apartment.

4. Rent and its features

Have you become an owner of an apartment and a client of one of the companies that provides a full range of services? Excellent! Such a company can offer you options for making a profit from the property you bought: when you do not plan to be in Turkey, it will help you rent an apartment to decent tenants. It will also be able to provide assistance in accommodating guests or relatives who come to you but don’t want (or you don’t want) to be crowded within the same apartment.5. Automotive pr
oblems and issuesIf you bought an apartment on the shores of the gentle Mediterranean Sea, then vacation takes on a different format, which will require a car. There are two options - to rent a car or purchase it. Each of these options has its own subtleties, but the company that deals with all your questions will be happy to help in this. The choice of cars is impressive, in addition, the rental is provided on the most favorable terms, and when buying a car - is present at the point of registration of all necessary documents.

6. Insurance Issues

Insuring your own home is a global trend, so you should not neglect it in the case of buying Turkish real estate. In addition, the company can offer interesting packages for medical insurance for adults and children so that health problems that arise during the rest do not poison it. Without fail, you need to think about car insurance.

7. Transport and everything related to it

In order not to deal with the problem of buying plane tickets on vacation, you can shift these issues to a company that has experience and established contacts.

We will be happy to help you in all matters so that the purchase of real estate becomes not only a joyful event for you, but also preserves this joy of buying for many years!